Instructor Development Course

Instructor Development Course - IDC in Khao Lak - Thailand


Surely one of the most rewarding experiences a professional diver can have is to see the expression of wonder and delight on a new students face when they put on their dive gear and head underwater for the first time in the tropical ocean.

So whether you are a Divemaster looking to broaden your job horizons in the diving industry, or feel in need of a total change in your career, or even if you just want to gain more knowledge and experience in diving, the next step on the PADI professional ladder is to become an Assistant Instructor (AI) and then a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI), and the Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the most popular way to achieve these two certifications in one go.

Many dive centres offer you an IDC Preparation Course before beginning the IDC, to brush up on your skills and diving theory. This advance preparation enables you to relax more on the course, knowing you have already reviewed many of the basic components of the Instructor Examination (IE). We believe that the IDC is such an important step in your diving career that we include the IDC Preparation Course free of charge.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

PADI is the world's largest and most recognised diver training organisation. Our PADI 5 Star IDC Center status confirms that we excel in providing a full range of diver education programs and actively promote aquatic environmental awareness.

In addition our Five Star IDC Center has at least one PADI Course Director on staff and we are committed to offering instructor development programs and continuing education opportunities to dive professionals.

Many candidates choose to purchase and familiarise themselves with their new Instructor Manual well in advance of the course, and also to review their Divemaster diving theory. This is indeed a most practical way to ensure success in the IE, but a large part of the Instructor examination is in-water, so if you have time to arrive early we also offer you the chance for extra, informal confined water skills training sessions with one of our qualified instructors – at no extra cost.

Dive centers all over the world offer you various enticements to further your diving career with them. We believe that at Sea Dragon Dive Center we have put together the ideal package that will enable you to make the most of the study time available in the most relaxed surroundings. We include many of the benefits that other dive centers offer, but also offer competitive prices, an expanded 10-day IDC including the free 2-day IDC preparation training, during which you can study in peace and quiet, allowing you to focus on reviewing your knowledge and perfecting your skills together with your Course Director.

The IDC takes place in our purpose-built Dive Center in Khao Lak, with air-conditioned classrooms and on-site swimming pool. Khao Lak is a large, beachside village with a relaxed atmosphere located just one hour north of Phuket, with all the facilities you may need available close at hand but without the noise, bustle and distractions of larger towns. And if you choose to include the MSDT course with your studies, then how better to celebrate your new Instructor status than by combining your Speciality Instructor studies with a relaxing day dive trip to the clear waters of the Similan Islands.


  • The entire IDC program takes place at our purpose built all-in-one dive center in Khao Lak, the only one of its kind in the area, in a tropical, relaxed resort environment, only minutes from the beach
  • Relaxed IDC course (10 days total, including 2 days IDC Preparation and EFRI course)
  • Personal attention and experienced, professional organisation
  • Free 2-day IDC Preparation Training included in the IDC course
  • If IE candidate is unsuccessful at first attempt, we offer your next IDC free
  • Small groups - maximum ratio of 5 candidates per staff member
  • Free extra in-water skills training and rescue assessment before the IDC prep course starts – if you arrive well in advance
  • Free Nitrox Instructor Training for Nitrox certified divers included in the IDC course (PADI fees still apply). Reduced-cost Nitrox diver certification course available, if required
  • Free use of rental equipment throughout your IDC and IE
  • PADI manuals & materials available for purchase at discounted rates
  • Free daily buffet lunch in a local restaurant serving Thai and international dishes during the IDC Prep, IDC, and EFRI
  • Free t-shirt
  • Assistance in finding the most suitable accommodation for your needs and budget, from local guesthouse to private beach bungalow to air-conditioned resort
  • Special in-water workshops throughout the IDC – buoyancy control, CESA, rescue exercises, ascents/descents, lift-bag practice, control, DSD, knot tying, etc.
  • Spacious air-conditioned classroom
  • Unlimited daily access to our on-site swimming pool throughout your IDC for training and practice, including tanks and weights
  • Free tea/coffee/water during classroom activities at the dive center
  • Full support from your Course Director and Staff Instructors during your IE – we will not abandon you during or after the course!
  • All tanks, weights and transfers to/from the IE in Khao Lak
  • 10% early booking discount if booked 30 days in advance
  • 10% discount on future liveaboard dive trips with Sea Dragon Dive Center – we have two liveaboard boats diving the Similan and Surin Islands and operate from November through to mid-May
  • All tanks, weights, boat & jetty fees. For the MSDT course, National Park fees of B 700 per diver will be collected at the Dive Center before departure
  • IE dinner and drinks to celebrate
  • Personal job placement assistance after your IE through your Course Director, Camille Lemmens, who has extensive contacts in the diving industry in Thailand



During the IDC Prep you will review the diving theory learned during your Divemaster course and take several Instructor level theory exams in Physics, Physiology, Recreational Dive Planner, Equipment, & General Skills and Environment, plus several practice Standards Exams to familiarise you with the PADI Instructor Manual. You will also hone your 20 in-water skills, participate in rescue assessments and learn the evaluation criteria used in the actual IE, so you know what will be expected of you in the examination.




The first four days of the IDC are the Assistant Instructor course. This is a performance-based course and has one PADI Standards Exam as well as performance requirements that must be met for successful completion of the course. You will be introduced to the PADI System of Diver Education, learn how to conduct theory presentations in a classroom, and how to present confined water and open water training in the pool and sea. The focus of this part of the course is on developing basic teaching techniques. You will also have workshops on the 3 PADI specialty courses that Assistant Instructors are authorised to teach: Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation and AWARE Specialist.


The second part of the IDC consists of a 4-day program that primarily focuses on developing your understanding and application of the PADI System of Diver Education, from Discover Scuba through to Divemaster level. You will continue to expand the practical knowledge and skills learned in the AI course and learn how to teach those skills to others by participating in skills demonstrations, workshops and classroom presentations. There is an Instructor pre-assessment exam to pass and performance requirements must be met. You will be continually assessed on your classroom / in-water teaching presentations and skills. Extra study time is available for students who are having difficulty with certain aspects of the course. On successful completion of the OWSI course you will receive an IDC completion form, enabling you to attend an Instructor Examination (IE) of your choice.

Instructor ExaminationINSTRUCTOR EXAMINATION (IE) - 2 days

After the IDC you can choose to take the IE in any location within 1 year. However, most people prefer to take the exam immediately after the course. We will be attending the PADI IE in Khao Lak directly after our IDC ends. The IE is a 2 days examination organised and staffed directly by PADI - not by your Course Director. However, your Course Director will be on hand for any last minute questions and moral support throughout the IE.

In the IE you will be examined in four different areas of diving, and for certification as an OWSI you must successfully complete all four parts. If you are unsuccessful in only one or two parts of the exam you will have to re-sit a future IE but you will only need to pay for and be examined in the areas in which you were unsuccessful. If you are unsuccessful in three or all parts of the IE you must re-sit the whole exam at a future date.

The individual confined water skills and open water skills to be demonstrated and assessed during the IE are randomly distributed to each IE candidate on the first day of the IE, as are the five confined water skills to be demonstrated and assessed during the Confined Water Skills Circuit. Candidates thus have ample time to prepare.

The four examinable parts of the IE are as follows:


Diving Theory

  • 5 closed book examination in Physics, Physiology, Equipment, General Skills and the Environment, Recreational Dive Planner
  • Pass score 75% or higher in each subject
  • One retest allowed in one area. Less than 75% in two areas will result in non certification

PADI System, Standards and Procedures

  • 1 open book examination
  • Pass score 75% or higher. No retest allowed

Confined Water Assessment2) CONFINED WATER ASSESSMENT

Teaching assessment

  • Teach one skill from the Open Water course. Your students will be your fellow candidates and you will also be expected to act as a student for other candidates
  • Score evaluated on a scale from 1.0 – 5.0. Pass score 3.5 or higher
  • One make up allowed

Skill Evaluation Circuit

  • Perform 5 skills from the PADI Divemaster course – exactly the same as you performed during the IDC and on your Divemaster course
  • Each skill evaluated on a scale from 1.0 – 5.0. Pass score a total of 17 or higher, with no individual skill less than 3.0
  • One make up allowed if only one skill was assessed at below 3.0.


  • A 5-10 minute classroom teaching presentation in front of your fellow students. Your assignment will be given to you at the start of the IE.
  • Score evaluated on a scale from 1.0 – 5.0. Pass score 3.4 or higher
  • One retest allowed


Teaching assessment

  • Teach two open water skills from the Open Water course, or one open water skill from the Open Water course plus one skill from PADI continuing education courses such as Adventure Diver or Rescue Diver. Your students will be your fellow candidates and you will also be expected to act as a student for other candidates
  • Score evaluated on a scale from 1.0 – 5.0. Pass score an average of 3.4 from the two skill
  • No retest

Open Water Rescue examination

This is exercise #7 from the PADI Rescue Diver course and includes response, recovery, resuscitation, transport and equipment removal of a diver simulating unconsciousness at the surface in deep water.


An overall assessment made by the IE staff during all confined water and open water training


Throughout your examination your scores will include assessment in the following areas

  • Attitude
  • Professionalism
  • Dress
  • Conduct
  • Interaction with staff and other candidates 


After the successful completion of the IE your paperwork will be processed by PADI, which usually takes about 10 working days. You then receive your PADI OWSI certification card in the mail, the most recognised teaching certification in the dive industry, enabling you to teach students from entry level through to Divemaster all over the world.

Please note that you can NOT start teaching until you have received confirmation of your certification from PADI.



These courses are open to certified Divemasters as well as Instructors. In the EFRI you will learn how to teach people CPR and First Aid. The contents of this course are not limited to dive-related accidents and injuries and therefore appeals to divers and non-divers alike. Many dive centers insist their dive staff have this certification, as it is a required teaching component of the PADI Rescue Diver course. Care for Children specialises in CPR and First Aid for children up to 8 years of age, and infants. You will learn how to instruct the different methods of performing CPR effectively, keeping the anatomical differences of infants and children in mind.

This course is offered before the IE starts, usually the day before the start of the IE. The EFR Instructor rating (or equivalent rating) is required for becoming a PADI Instructor.


A Staff Instructor works with and assists the Course Director on IDCs and can also independently teach the Assistant Instructor course, which consists of the first part of the IDC. On this course you will work closely with the Course Director during an actual IDC and receive tuition, guidance and feedback throughout. You will learn about IDC standards and evaluation techniques and assist the Course Director in evaluating the IDC candidates on the course. You will also be evaluated on one classroom presentation and one confined water presentation during the IDC. We expect you to attend the IDC Preparation course, the IDC, the MSDT and the IE and be on hand to support and counsel the IDC candidates alongside the Course Director. Please note you must be a PADI MSDT to be eligible for this course.

The IDC Staff Instructor course will commence one day prior to the IDC Prep course.


After completing the IDC and IE you can take the opportunity to enhance your employment prospects by learning how to teach PADI speciality courses. The MSDT Prep course allows you to have an in-depth look at the different specialties available and how to teach them under the supervision and guidance of your PADI Course Director.

It is called the MSDT Prep Course because you still need to certify your first 25 students prior to applying for the rating, however you can teach these specialties once the applications have been processed by PADI. This enables you to earn money whilst teaching, and not working for free to accumulate the certifications. For the MSDT rating you must choose a minimum of 5 Instructor Specialties that interest you most, but you may take more if you like. The MSDT rating is a prerequisite for the IDC Staff Instructor Course and is recognised and respected as achieving a high level of experience.

Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor
Prerequisite: Certified Nitrox diver

One of the most popular PADI speciality courses worldwide – included free in your IDC course. Teach your students about the benefits of diving with enriched air, how to use the PADI EANx tables and an oxygen analyzer. As you need to have logged a total of 10 enriched air dives to become a certified Nitrox Speciality Instructor, we suggest you take the Nitrox Diver course before the IDC so you can apply for your Instructor rating immediately.

Alternatively, if you are not a certified Nitrox Diver at the time of the IDC course, we offer you a reduced-cost Nitrox Diver course immediately prior to your Instructor training, but please note you will still need to complete 10 Nitrox dives before you can apply directly to PADI for the Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor rating.

Multilevel Diver InstructorMultilevel Diver Instructor
1 dive

The Multilevel and Computer Diver PADI speciality is what we call "The art of real and safe diving. Real diving, because in the modern world most divers use computers to extend their bottom time. Safer diving, because it is important to plan dives and not blindly follow dive computers alone.

This course is not just teaching divers how to use the eRDPml and dive computers, it is teaching student divers to follow their dive plan and use their computers as back-ups and to follow safe diving practices.

Digital Underwater Photographer InstructorDigital Underwater Photographer Instructor
1 dive

Professional underwater photographers are using digital cameras and computers to create breathtaking underwater images. With the cost of underwater housings falling, many more amateur photographers are following suit. The new Digital Underwater PADI speciality is fun and easy to teach and has a wide target audience.

During this Instructor Course you will become familiar with the new PADI materials and special equipment requirements. The course also includes tips on using computer software to enhance images.


Search & Recovery InstructorSearch & Recovery Instructor
2 dives

If you have done the PADI Search & Recovery speciality Course you will remember what a blast it was. Working with lift bags, finding small and large objects and moving objects from the bottom of the ocean to the surface.

If you have not done the course yourself, then you are in for a real treat. The Search & Recovery Instructor course is challenging, fun and is accomplished best by team work. It develops navigation skills, underwater communication and teaches you how to use equipment like lift bags, reels, and even tests your knot tying skills! This is one course that is highly under rated, and yet very rewarding for you and your students.

Wreck Diver InstructorWreck Diver Instructor
2 dives

As an experienced diver you may have had opportunities to dive on wrecks before. If you remember the first time you dived on a wreck, you may remember that adrenaline rush and thrill of seeing something that once existed in our world at the bottom of another world.

As a Wreck speciality Instructor, you learn how to teach one of the most popular PADI speciality courses including: the pre-planning steps, preparation, safety considerations and penetration setup for safely entering wrecks.

Navigation Diver InstructorNavigation Diver Instructor
1 dive

Navigation is an essential skill for divers, and teaching navigation is actually a lot more fun than most instructors think.

The Instructor course will provide you with amazing setup information for teaching the PADI Navigation Diver speciality course, as well as interesting navigation games and tools.

A.W.A.R.E. Fish Identification InstructorA.W.A.R.E. Fish Identification Instructor
1 dive

The AWARE Fish ID speciality Course is really one of the more popular courses to teach, as well as the simplicity and enjoyment students gain from this course, it’s a great one to have!

During the Instructor training course, you as the instructor will learn how to teach students to identify common fish families, fish surveying techniques and the planning, organization and procedures for identifying fish families and species while diving.



Deep Diver InstructorDeep Diver Instructor
2 dives

As an Open Water Scuba Instructor you will have your fair share of teaching PADI Open Water and PADI Advanced courses. This also means that most of the time you will not dive much deeper than 30m. If you enjoy diving deep, then you will have a great time teaching students how to dive deep, safely.

During the Deep Diver Speciality Instructor course we look at special logistics involved when conducting deep dives with students, as well as provide you with some interesting techniques, tips and underwater games/puzzles for use during deep dives to show students the effect of pressure at depth.

We also look at the safety considerations for deep dives; such as setting up drop tanks, having emergency equipment quickly available and perfecting emergency action plans for diving emergencies.


Drift Diver InstructorDrift Diver Instructor
1 dive

The Drift Diver speciality Course is very exciting. It focuses on keeping divers together during strong currents and how to use the buddy system more effectively. Your students will gain from the tips and skills learnt during this course. This course is very valuable as it focuses so much on diver safety.

Allow your students to explore and learn a whole new level of safer diving with the PADI Drift Diver speciality Course!





PADI Emergency O2 Provider InstructorPADI Emergency O2 Provider Instructor
No Dives

A valuable addition to your instructor rating, teach people how to safely administer oxygen and respond correctly wherever they are in the world, or combine it with the Rescue or Divemaster Course.

Night Diver InstructorNight Diver Instructor
1 Dive

Teach your students safe and correct procedures and techniques for night diving, allow them to enjoy this other side to diving with correct buoyancy techniques and new equipment.





Equipment Specialty InstructorEquipment Specialty Instructor
No Dives

Based on land, use the Instructor rating to show people how our equipment works, make them better prepared to respond to minor problems and have confidence with their own equipment selections. Know the difference between a balanced and unbalanced regulator.




Gas Blender (Enriched Air) InstructorGas Blender (Enriched Air) Instructor
No Dives
Prerequisite: Enriched Air Diver

Based on land. An essential course for the modern dive professional, this qualifies you to teach divers how to blend the Enriched Air gas that extends our bottom time. Enriched Air is very common in modern diving, so enhance your employment possibilities, and keep diving safe for everyone.


The Course Director we have chosen to conduct our IDC program is Camille Lemmens, CD # 933812, one of the few Platinum PADI Course Directors in Thailand. Camille is Dutch, and speaks fluent English, German and his native Dutch, as well as reasonable French. He has been working in Thailand since 1999, and became a Course Director in 2003. Camille has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Course Director status, the highest rating a PADI Course Director may achieve, for eleven consecutive years. It is the highest rating a PADI Course Director may achieve. Camille’s skills are not restricted to diving alone; he is also a PADI O2 Instructor Trainer, as well as an SSS Recompression Chamber Tender and Operator. Camille loves diving, is passionate about teaching and values making his courses fun, to bring out the best in his students and help them become natural teachers.

Camille has worked on more than 125 IDC programmes as a Course Director since 2003. He has taught more than 450 IDC candidates, with a passing rate of 98%. His emphasis is on personalized training, working closely with small groups and conducting all parts of the IDC training himself. He is available at all times during the IDC program, ensuring a high level of personal attention to each individual student.

Camille’s programs provide the quality and expertise you should expect and demand during your IDC. His courses are based on valuable hands-on training with the emphasis on in-water application and having fun.

In 2009 Camille received the PADI Instructor Development Award, to better recognize the achievements of those PADI dive centers and resorts that have made significant contributions to the growth and development of diving. The award was presented by Drew Richardson, the President and COO of PADI Worldwide.

Sea Dragon Dive Center is delighted to be working with Camille, as we both share the same philosophy that an IDC should be a stress-free, fun, valuable and positive experience for each and every candidate. Our aim is to ensure that you not only successfully pass the PADI IE, but also receive that extra bit of information, motivation and knowledge needed to become a highly-trained and professional Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Marita Fassbender successfully conducted Sea Dragon’s first ever IDC in November 2004 with seven candidates, followed by our second IDC with Brendon Sing in October 2006, and our third IDC again with Brendon, assisted by Matt Norman, in May 2008 with five candidates. Matt continued to conduct further successful IDC programs until 2010.

We are now pleased to be working with Camille, adding to Sea Dragon’s growing list of achievements…

100% IE PASS RATE !!


If you have any questions about our IDC that you would like to discuss directly with Camille, or if you need any advice to help you prepare for the course, you can contact him by e-mail at:


Please note it is a pre-requisite that all candidates are certified as an EFR Instructor before being eligible to be certified as an OWSI.

Prerequisite for AI/OWSI/IDC:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have been certified at entry level for at least six months prior to the start of the course
  • Have proof of CPR/First Aid training dated within the past two years
  • Have a medical examination stating you are fit to dive dated with in the past 12 months

Additional prerequisites for the AI course only:

  • Be certified as a PADI Divemaster or equivalent from another diver training agency
  • Have 60 logged dives showing experience in deep, night and navigation dives

Additional prerequisites for the OWSI course only:

  • Be certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor or be an Instructor from another recreational diver training agency
  • Have 100 logged dives showing experience of deep, night and navigation dives

Additional prerequisites for the IDC course only:

  • Be certified as a PADI Divemaster or equivalent from another diver training agency
  • Have 100 logged dives showing experience in deep, night and navigation dives


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Either have proof of Adult, Child & Infant CPR/First Aid training dated within the past two years or be a practicing medical professional such as a Physician, Practicing Medical Technician, Paramedic or Registered Nurse


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be certified as a renewed PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor


  • Be a renewed PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)


Following is a list of required materials for all IDC candidates - all editions must be current. Please note this is a PADI requirement and will therefore be the same on every PADI IDC course worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: The PADI Instructor Manual is available on CD-ROM or as a free download on the PADI Pro\Member website. We recommend that candidates print out or buy the paper version for ease of study and note-taking during the IDC & IE. You may use both during the open-book portion of the IE. A compact, sturdy version of the manual in a ringed zipper binder is also available for purchase.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The PADI eRDPML must be used in all courses from January 2009 for dive planning. You should familiarise yourself with how to teach with this new planner


The PADI Start-Up Instructor Training Pack (Crew Pack) at our discounted IDC rate of B25,000 includes all of those PADI training materials required for the IDC / IE that you have not already purchased within the framework of your Open Water, Adventures in Diving, EFR, Rescue and Divemaster courses (B25,500 with the digital EFRI Guide). Additionally, it includes the materials you will need to teach your future PADI courses.  The Start-Up Instructor Training Pack price may be adjusted for individual items you may already possess.

  • PADI’S Guide to Teaching manual with hologram
  • Confined Open Water Instructor Cue Cards
  • Confined Water Lesson Presentation Slate
  • Open Water Instructor Cue Cards
  • Open Water Lesson Presentation Slate
  • Adventures in  Diving Instructor Cue Cards
  • Rescue Diver Instructor Cue Cards
  • Open Water Diver Quizzes and Exams Booklet
  • Rescue Diver Final Exam Booklet
  • Divemaster Final Exam Booklet
  • PADI OW PLG's Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • Positive Approach to Selling DVD
  • Specialty Course Instructor manual (digital, multilingual version, E DE F S)

Additional requirements include materials candidates should already have from previous courses, so please bring  the following with you if you already have it, unless you wish to purchase it again:

  • Divemaster Manual
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving
  • Recreational Dive Planner – RDP Table + Instructions for Use booklet (metric) 
  • Recreational Dive Planner eRDPML + Instructions for Use booklet
  • Open Water Diver Manual (inc. RDP Table, metric)
  • Adventures in Diving Manual (inc. data carrier)
  • Rescue Diver Manual (inc. Accident Management slate)
  • Aquatic cue cards, Discover Scuba Diving
  • Calculator


  • EFR Instructor Manual
  • Emergency at a Glance


  • Speciality Instructor Manual


  • Confined Water Teaching Evaluation Slate
  • Open Water Teaching Evaluation Slate
  • Skill Evaluation Slate
  • Instructor Manual
  • PADI’S Guide to Teaching
  • Course Director Manual (digital or paper version)

If you would like to order any PADI materials in advance at our special discounted rates and have them waiting for you on your arrival in Khao Lak, please refer to the PADI price list.


  • 4 passport sized photos
  • Copies of all certification cards from Open Water through to Divemaster
  • Copy of the last page of your log book showing proof of 100+ dives
  • EFR certification dated within the past 2 years. Alternative first aid/CPR certification may be acceptable but please check with us in advance
  • Medical statement confirming you are fit to dive dated within the past year*
  • Any PADI books and materials you have already purchased
  • Your credit card – PADI fees cannot be paid in cash
  • Any personal diving equipment you may have (please note that whilst we offer free equipment hire throughout your IDC and IE, we strongly recommend that you purchase and bring your own). Your equipment should consist of:
    • Regulator with octopus, console with depth gauge in metres & SPG
    • BCD with power inflator
    • Wetsuit
    • Mask, snorkel, fins
    • Timing device
    • Dive knife, compass, whistle, blank slate, safety sausage, pocket mask
    • In case you bring a DIN regulator, please make sure you bring an adaptor
    • Dive computer

* You will need to bring such Diver Medical Questionnaire, completely filled out and signed by a physician stating that you’re fit to dive (without restrictions) and present this at the start of the IDC. Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to join us in the confined water and/or open water during the IDC, until an acceptable medical questionnaire has been presented.


  • You should arrive in Khao Lak at least 2 days prior to the start of the IDC Prep Course. This is to recover from any jet lag, if necessary, and to receive your IDC materials
  • We suggest you purchase the IDC Crew Pack as soon as you book your IDC. This will give you time to familiarise yourself with its contents and layout. Remember to ensure the manual is up-to-date – updates can be downloaded from the PADI Professional page on the PADI website or purchased from any retail outlet
  • There is no substitute for advance preparation, so we suggest you review the Diving Knowledge Workbook and complete again all the Divemaster exams. Refer to the Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving to brush up on those areas in which you did not perform so well
  • Obtain access to a swimming pool and practice your skills demonstration and Rescue skills, concentrating on the treatment and removal of an unconscious diver at the surface.  If you arrive at the Dive Center well in advance of your course we can provide one of our certified Instructors to help you assess your ability in these areas


** Remember the 10% early booking discount if booked 30 days in advance **

  • 30% (non-refundable) deposit required at the time of booking
  • Balance due 2 weeks before course start date
  • All amounts are payable in advance by PayPal or by transfer to our Thai bank account. Balances may additionally be paid at our dive center by MasterCard or Visa, or in Thai Baht, US$, Euro or any other hard currency at the current exchange rate. There is no surcharge for credit card payment
  • We place great value on providing a clear price structure for our IDC courses, so our candidates know exactly what to expect and are not surprised by hidden costs. The following course prices include full tuition, rental equipment, lunches during the IDC Prep, IDC, EFRI and MSDT Prep and ground transfers during the IE. They do NOT include accommodation, required PADI materials or PADI IE registration and certification fees
- Prep / IDC / EFRI / Nitrox Specialty Instructor
10 days B 44,000
- Prep / IDC / EFRI/ MSDT (5 Instructor Specialities)/ Nitrox Specialty Instructor
12 days B 69,000
IDC Preparation Course (IDC Prep) 2 days FREE!
Assistant Instructor Course (AI) 4 days B 16,000
Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI)
& Care for Children (CFC)
1 day B 8,000
PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor 1 day B 8,000
Master Scuba Diver Trainer Prep (MSDT Prep)
- 5 Instructor level Specialities
On request B 25,000
DSAT Gas Blender Instructor On request B 10,000

Following is a list of individual prices for Speciailty Instructor ratings. If you want to become a MSDT, we recommend you take the Platinum package as listed above. However, if you would like to add on more Speciality Instructor ratings other than the 5 included in the Platinum package, or if you are already an OWSI and have a few Speciality Instructor ratings already, please use the following prices.

Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor B5,500
Multilevel Diver Instructor B5,500
Digital Underwater Photography Instructor B5,500
Search & Recovery Instructor B5,500
Wreck Dive Instructor B5,500
Navigation Diver Instructor B5,500
A.W.A.R.E Fish Identification Instructor B5,500
Deep Diver Instructor B7,600
(includes Similan Day Trip & Nat. Park fees)
Drift Diver Instructor B5,500
PADI Emergency O2 Provider B4,000
PADI Emergency O2 Provider
including certification for provider level
Night Diver Instructor B5,500
Equipment Speciality Instructor B5,500
Gas Blender (Enriched Air) Instructor Upon Request


The following payments are in Australian dollars and must be paid IN ADDITION to the above Dive Center prices. These are standard PADI fees and are the same price all over the PADI Asia-Pacific region. All payments must be made by credit card.

IDC Application Fee A$ 249
I.E. Enrollment Fee A$ 865
EFRI Processing Fee (Incl. Primary/Secondary Care & Care for Children) A$ 172
Specialty Instructor Processing Fee (Method One) A$ 99


SCHEDULE FOR October 2018

If you are interested in joining our October IDC, scheduled to start on 23rd October 2018 with Course Director Camille Lemmens, with the IE taking place in Khao Lak or Phuket on 3rd and 4th November 2018, please contact us or for further information.

1 23 Oct IDC Prep course Lunch Khao Lak
2 24 Oct IDC Prep course Lunch Khao Lak
3 25 Oct IDC – AI Lunch Khao Lak
4 26 Oct IDC – AI Lunch Khao Lak
5 27 Oct IDC – AI Lunch Khao Lak
6 28 Oct IDC – AI Lunch Khao Lak
7 29 Oct IDC – OWSI Lunch Khao Lak
8 30 Oct IDC – OWSI Lunch Khao Lak
9 1 Nov IDC – OWSI Lunch Khao Lak
10 2 Nov EFRI Lunch Khao Lak
11 3 Nov IE x
12 4 Nov IE x
13 5 Nov MSDT x
14 6 Nov MSDT x


Postal address: 5/51 Mu 7, Khao Lak,
A. Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82220, Thailand
Telephone:  +66 (0)76 485 420, Fax: +66 (0)76 485 418
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