Have you always dreamed of going scuba diving and seeing the underwater ecosystems? If you are a complete novice, don’t worry, we run a Discover Scuba Diving course, which will open your eyes to a whole new world.


Discover the magic of breathing underwater… Have fun exploring a coral reef with your Instructor… Learn how to safely use scuba equipment… 

Do you want to discover the thrill of diving but you only have 1 day? Or are you thinking about the PADI Open Water course but want to check if you like it first?

If so, then the PADI Discover Scuba Diving is a great choice for you. Two dives in the sea with an instructor at your side. You won’t be a certified diver after this, but you will discover what diving is all about. Available to both adults and children (aged 10+)

For younger children aged 8+ there is a shorter programme called the PADI Bubblemaker. And there are no hidden costs!








Discover what diving is all about! A quick and simple introduction

This 1-day program is just for fun. Experience the thrill of scuba diving at a shallow coral reef. Also available for Juniors aged 10-14 years

What will I do?

Theory: You will start with an online video, followed by a short chat in the classroom. Here your instructor will tell you a little bit about scuba diving and we review some important safety rules. We look at the 4 simple skills you will learn in the pool and show you the scuba equipment.
On-site Swimming Pool: We will help you put on your scuba gear and then you’ll take your first breaths underwater! You will practice four easy but essential diving skills. After that, you’ll have time to swim around and get used to the equipment.
Dive in the Sea: We will take you for two real dives in the sea!

Where will I dive?

Khao Nayak, our local house reef

This is a shallow reef. However, you’ll still see colorful fish and coral. You will do two dives, with a maximum depth of 9m. Your instructor will be right by your side the whole time. This means you can relax and enjoy the experience

What’s next?

You can do more DSD dives. If you dive again with Sea Dragon within 2 weeks you won’t have to re-do the pool training. The maximum depth will be 12m.

Or why not take the next step and sign up for the PADI Open Water Diver Course. Get certified to dive to 18m anywhere in the world!

1 day introductory diving programme

Prerequisites: None

Age: 10 years (children aged 10-14 years must have parental supervision)

Course length: 1 day 

Course overview: Introductory theory session, confined water practice session & 2 open water dives

Group size: Max. 2 students per course

Discover Scuba Diving online video: This is included in your course price, we will send you a link by email.

Medical: Please check the medical requirements for diving by clicking this link. If you will answer YES to any questions, please contact us for further advice. We may need additional medical statements. Your safety whilst diving is our primary concern

Certification: You will not be a certified diver after this programme. However, you can continue diving with a PADI Instructor at Sea Dragon for up to 2 weeks. The maximum depth limit will remain 12m. Junior DSDs aged 10-14 years must continue to have parental supervision

Scheduled upon request

    B4,000 – Course + 2 dives at Khao Lak

    Extra day trips up to 2 weeks after your course: B3,550– Extra day trip to Khao Lak reefs



    A chance to blow some bubbles in real dive gear, for ages 8+ years

    Give your younger children their first diving adventure in our on-site swimming pool! In this short programme they will learn to breath underwater in a very safe, shallow environment

    An experienced PADI Instructor will explain the basic theory of diving in very simple terms. Following that, your child will do a shallow ‘dive’ in the pool wearing full scuba gear.
    Maximum depth – 2m! A parent or guardian must be present throughout but will not have to go underwater. Afterwards, each child will get a special Bubblemaker certificate to show their friends back home

    This is a fun and unique experience for children 8 years and over

    Short introductory diving course for ages 8+ years

    Prerequisites: None, but children should be comfortable in the water

    Age: 8 years (must be supervised by an adult)

    Course length: 2-3 hours

    Course overview: Introductory theory session & confined water practice session

    Group size: Max. 2 Bubblemakers per course

    Medical: Please check the medical requirements for diving by clicking this link. If your child will answer YES to any questions, please contact us for advice. as we may need further medical statements. Your child’s safety whilst diving is our primary concern

    Certification: They will not be a certified diver after this course. However, we will give them a cool certificate to show they did the Bubblemaker programme


    This is a 2-3 hour course

    Scheduled upon request

      B2,000 – In Khao Lak