Please read the following information carefully. The safety of our guests and crew is our primary concern and is something that we take extremely seriously. If you would like more information please contact us.

All the information you need about a liveaboard with Sea Dragon

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here contact us with your questions.

We take safety very seriously but our trips are also serious fun!

General information about our liveaboard trips:

  • Small dive groups of maximum 4 divers, each group lead by a professional dive guide
  • Our dive staff are all PADI certified Divemasters or Instructors
  • The maximum depth of our dives is 30m and we get shallower throughout the day, with the Sunset and Night Dives being just 18m
  • Maximum dive time is around 50 minutes, the Sunset and Night Dives are approx. 40 minutes long
  • Safety stops are included on every dive
  • We have long surface intervals of 2-3 hours between each dive
  • A FREE dive computer and surface marker buoy is provided for everyone onboard and our dive guides also carry a backup dive computer
  • We have a dive briefing before every dive, including a hand-drawn map of the dive site, a description of the site and we show you some pictures of the marine life we hope to see
  • Our dive guides are very knowledgeable and highly entertaining


Information about our Rental Equipment

Our equipment is mainly Aqualung, Scubapro, Mares, or Deep Blue. All equipment is regularly maintained and serviced.

Check in at Sea Dragon Dive Center


At the absolute latest you should arrive for check-in by 4 pm on the day of departure. However, we advise you to check in as early as you can to ensure time for any last-minute preparation.

During check-in, we will need to see your dive certification card and you need some information from your logbook (date of the last dive, number of dives in total) and you will need a copy of your passport.

You will need to pay the balance of your trip and the National Park fee at check-in, plus insurance if you require it.

If you have your own regulator and BCD we will ask you to check it on a tank to ensure everything is working properly. If you use a DIN regulator you will need an adaptor, which we can provide free of charge.

What to pack for a liveaboard

You really don’t need much

You can leave your main luggage in the customer storage room at our dive center and just bring a small bag on board. We also have a safe in the office for any valuables.

Suggested packing list:

  • T-shirts, shorts, sarongs – casual warm-weather gear
  • Swimwear – more than one set if possible
  • Long-sleeved shirt and trousers – as it can get a bit chilly early morning or evening
  • Toiletries including spare contact lenses and solution
  • Any prescription medication you are using (please advise us in advise if you are taking medication)
  • Sunscreen (preferably a reef safe brand)
  • Any personal dive equipment of your own
  • Camera, spare batteries & data cards, battery charger, underwater housing
  • Electrical adapter for the Thai flat 2-pin system (European plugs will fit)
  • Snacks you can’t live without (although we guarantee you won’t go hungry!)
  • A book, e-reader, headphones, music
  • Your logbook (we sell them onboard if you need a new one)
  • A copy of your dive certification card and passport. You MUST have copies of these with your ON the trip (photographs on your phone are fine)
  • A small amount of cash (to pay your bar bill, buy a logbook, pay for a souvenir T-shirt from the islands, and maybe a tip for the boat crew). We also sell insulated water bottles, towels, mask straps, anti fog and socks on the boat

Sea Dragon Health & Medical Policy

During check-in, you will complete our registration form which has some medical questions. If you answer YES to any question, we may require medical clearance to confirm you are fit for diving. In some cases, we may not accept a statement signed by local doctors here in Khao Lak. So please contact us before arriving in Khao Lak if you have any health issues. If necessary, we can send you a medical statement for your own physician/specialist to sign.

Specific conditions

  • Epilepsy. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any divers with this condition
  • Asthma. We do not accept divers with asthma if they have had an attack in the last 5 years. If you had an attack between 5-10 years ago we will ask to see a medical statement, dated within the last 12 months, from a diving physician. We highly recommend you also take a Spiro metric (lung function) test and show the results to your diving physician during your medical, for your own safety
  • Diabetes. Please inform us in advance if you are diabetic. We will need to provide you with guidelines from DAN Asia Pacific concerning diabetes and diving. This includes carrying sugar packs and checking your blood sugar levels before and after every dive. We will also require a medical statement, dated within the last 12 months, signed by a diving physician
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure). Divers with high blood pressure who are taking Beta Blockers as medication must show us a medical statement, dated within the last 12 months, from a diving physician. Divers with high blood pressure using other medication must show us a medical statement, dated within the last 12 months, showing that their blood pressure is under control
  • Thyroid Disease. Divers with thyroid disease or having no thyroid gland should bring a medical statement. This should be dated within the past 3 months, proving that your cardiovascular system has been critically assessed and is suitable for diving


If you are on any medication please tell us in advance of arrival so we can check if it is a contra-indictor to diving. Likewise, if you currently have/have had any illness or accident that is a contra-indicator to diving, please inform us ahead of arrival

Medical statements

If you need to provide a medical statement, it should be dated within 12 months of your planned trip (unless stated differently above). We cannot accept any ‘conditional’ medical statement i.e. a statement that sets a limit on what diving activities you can do. A medical statement from a diving physician must clearly state you are fit for all diving, regardless of depth, duration, or frequency.

Your safety and the safety of those around you is of paramount importance.

If you are unsure or require further information, please contact us before making a booking