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Our FAQ page will help you to be prepared. Find answers to your questions about Sea Dragon Dive Center’s liveaboard trips, day trips and courses. If you have a question that is not listed here, use the form below to contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have my certification card, can I still dive?

You need to have proof of your dive certification when you check in at Sea Dragon Dive Center. You also need to take it with you on the liveaboard boat or day trips to the National Marine Parks.

If you were certified by either PADI, SSI or NAUI we can check your certification online. However, we cannot check any other agencies. If your logbook clearly shows the certification dives, signed and stamped by your instructor this may be sufficient in some instances. However, we suggest you send pictures to us in advance of arrival so we have time to discuss the options in case your logbook is not sufficient.

I can’t find my logbook, is that a problem?

Not at all. We sell logbooks at the dive center so you can buy a new one while you are here.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan. Will the food on the boat be suitable for me?

Yes, you’ll have plenty to eat. When you check in at the dive center we will ask about any special food requirements. Our cook prepares vegetarian/vegan options when required. Plus, we always have plenty of vegetables and fruit at every meal.

Do I need any money with me on a liveaboard trip?

Yes. There are a few things you could spend money on:

We have fresh coffee and icecream for purchase, available 24 hours a day (instant coffee is free). Beer and wine are available for sale in the evenings. You may wish to tip the boat crew or your dive guide. 

Tshirts are for sale at the Similan and Surins National Park office on the islands. We have towels, insulated water bottles, mask straps and sunscreen available for sale on board.

Are there proper toilets on board?

On our liveaboard boats, the MV Andaman and MV Explorer yes, absolutely! We have real toilets. But please don’t put any paper or sanitary products in the toilet, there is a bin in each bathroom for these items.

The MV Nangnuan to the house reef, the Artificial Reef and the Bangsak Wreck has a toilet too.

Speedboat day trips to the National Marine Parks do have toilets on board, and once again you need to put toilet paper and sanitary products in the bin, not the toilet.

I often get blisters from fins, what can I do to prevent them?

Bring some socks to wear inside the fins. Ordinary socks will help to protect your foot. If you don’t have any with you, we sell them at the dive center and on the boat for THB50.

Alternatively, invest in your own pair of fins. We have a number of pairs in stock at the dive center, some which require booties, others which do not.

I have a food allergy/intolerance. Will I be able to eat the food on the boat?

We understand the seriousness of nut allergies, celiac disease, gluten/dairy intolerance etc. We recommend that you tell us in advance of arrival if you have a food allergy/intolerance. When you check in at the dive center we will ask about any special food requirements to ensure we can advise the cook. Be sure to let us know and our cook will prepare separate dishes as required. The kitchen is small, and the facilities limited but we have planned our menu to ensure we can be flexible and accommodating where allergies are concerned.

What power is on the boat?

Power onboard the boat is 220V, the plug socket takes either two round or two flat pins. You can buy a plug adapter very cheaply at any supermarket in town should you need it.

Do I need to have dive insurance?

We strongly recommend that you have diving insurance. Some travel insurance policies will cover you for diving, so check your policy wording before you travel. If you do not have your own diving insurance you can buy a policy to cover the duration of your stay when you check in at the dive center.

Do I need my passport with me?

You must have a copy of your passport with you when you go on any trip to the National Marine Parks i.e. liveaboard trip or day trip. A photograph of your passport on your phone is fine, you do not need to take the original.

At the time of booking we will require your passport number as well as date of birth, nationality and full name (as it appears in your passport).

I have long hair, how can I protect it during diving?

Coconut oil! Run some pure coconut oil through your hair before the dive and then tie it up. We suggest either a pony tail with lots of bands around it all the way down, or twist it up in a bun. Don’t forget where your mask strap sits, so your pony tail/bun needs to be higher or lower than the mask strap. After the dive/day, run some fresh water through your hair and gently comb it out.

You could also invest in a reef-safe leave-in conditioner. There are a number of excellent products on the market but they can be difficult to find in Thailand and quite expensive. For a GirlsThatScuba review of one of the market leading brands, Stream2Sea, click this link.

What do I need to take with me on a liveaboard?

Check out our Essential Information page for tips on packing.

Will there be mosquitoes?

If you go on to any of the islands it would be wise to wear mosquito repellent as there will be mosquitoes in the rain forest, under the trees. However, usually there are no mosquitoes on the boats.

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